The 2023 Summer Associates Survey: Part 2

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Law firms got high marks in Law360 Pulse's follow-up of law students who won summer associateships — after the grueling process of interviewing in Part 1 — with most summers saying they were able to take advantage of multiple mentors and opportunities to connect with senior attorneys. Many firms went out of their way to make sure their summers had fun. But firms also showed some reserve, as hiring assurances continued to decline.

Law360 Pulse surveyed 815 summer associates to get the scoop on which firms had the most satisfied participants, provided the best training and did the best to capture the sense of fun and camaraderie that summer programs are known for.

These Firms Were The Top For Their Summer Associates

Summer associates praised the summer programs operated by many BigLaw firms this year, handing out high marks for mentoring and the opportunities to engage in pro bono work.

Job Promises For Summers Decline As Firms Play It Safe

Firms have become less likely to provide hiring assurances to their summer associates, according to Law360 Pulse's most recent survey, with industry experts saying that this is part of a broader trend of firms being more cautious in the face of economic uncertainty and a softening of demand.

Summer Associates Wary Of AI's Potential

Roughly a third of this year's summer associates are concerned about artificial intelligence replacing certain legal jobs, but they are also worried about AI tools being misused by attorneys in courts of law.

Read full coverage of the first part of the Law360 Pulse Summer Associates Survey here.

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