The 2023 Law360 Prestige Leaders

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Law360 Pulse proudly presents the 2023 Prestige Leaders, a ranking of law firms that are first-in-class when it comes to legal industry cachet.

Our ranking measures firms' efforts across four indicators of reputation and prestige: financial performance, attractiveness to attorneys, awards they have won and positive media representation.

These elements play a strong role in the making of firms' internal and external reputations, and taken together, form one essential part of what it means to be a leading competitor in the legal market.

As part of the rankings package, you'll be able to see how firms scored on each of the indicators we use to assess reputation and prestige. You can also find out which firms revealed to Law360 Pulse that they pulled in more than $1 billion in gross revenue.

This is the second of three rankings that look at firms from multiple angles. Check out the 2023 Social Impact Leaders, and stay tuned for the Law360 Pulse Leaderboard — our list of the firms that have it all.

These Firms Are The 2023 Prestige Leaders

Clients flock to firms with prestigious reputations, and so does top talent. Here are this year's Law360 Pulse Prestige Leaders — the 100 firms the industry recognizes for their prominence, power and distinction.

Prestige Leaders: The Firms In The Billionaires' Club

With money and prestige going hand in hand in the world of BigLaw, we highlight the firms that reported more than $1 billion in gross revenue in the most recent calendar year.

What Can PPP Tell Us? It's Complicated.

The metric of profits per equity partner — often referred to as PPP — has been one of the primary stand-ins for prestige in BigLaw going back decades. However, a growing chorus of voices have pointed to the measure's flaws, insisting that there are better indicators of success and clout.

How Law Firms Build And Protect Stellar Reputations

Now more than ever, BigLaw firms depend on the strength of their brand to land clients, attract recruits and justify top-shelf hourly rates. But in the world of the 24/7 news cycle, where any slipup can instantly go viral, how do firms manage their prized reputations?

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